Ten Reasons to Obtain Your Mortgage with SMB

  1. Fast Determination - Notification for a full documentation loan, a qualification and notification will be given as fast as two hours after completion of loan application.
  2. Least Hassle - Our loan specialists are trained to make all loans processing as smooth as possible so that you will have an easy sail.
  3. Lowest Interest Possible - Based on your particular needs and qualifications, we will design the best strategy to get you a rate that is the lowest in your situation.
  4. Highest Savings Possible - You do not have to pay an application fee. We do not charge credit report fee unless you have some special needs such as bad credit or identity, etc.
  5. Lowest Upfront Fees - To start a processing, you only pay a third party appraisal fee. It is also free to lock in a rate for 60 days or less.
  6. Designated Professional Service - Unlike most of mortgage bankers, you only talk to your mortgage specialist who is responsible for all loan related matters until and unless the loan is closed.
  7. Full Product Line - As a mortgage banker, we can place almost all of the products that you may need.
  8. Maximum Flexibility - Our mortgage specialist can help you design such strategy.
  9. Free Referral Services - We can refer most of services free of charge. Those services include but not limited to:
    • Real Estate Attorney
    • CPA Services regarding real estate taxation & profitability
    • Insurance & Financial Advice
    • Title Insurance Advice
    • Real Estate Management
  10. No Hidden Costs
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