Real Story One:

When I bought my co-op unit in Queens, I was lured to a mortgage banker, who offered the lowest rate on the loan. When my husband and I went to closing, we were told that we are getting an adjustable rate loan instead of a fixed rate mortgage which we requested. We walked away from the closing. A friend referred Summit Mortgage Bankers, Inc. (SMB) to us. SMB quickly helped us get the right mortgage and the closing was a pleasant experience. After the closing, my husband and I decided to give SMB two silk flags in expressing our appreciation. The flags read in Chinese characters stating:

  • Offer hot coal in a snowy and cold winter
  • A Friend in need is a Friend indeed.

Real Story Two:

I bought a foreclosed property at a city auction. The contract states closing must be within 30 days, or a $100 would be assessed for each day before closing. I tried some lender and got no response in the first three weeks. Via a friendˇ¦s referral, I came to SMB. The loan was closed in a week. I had avoided the fine and get the property with no trouble.

Real Story Three:

I had started my mortgage career in a hard way. I had been working with another banker before I joined SMB.
After a couple of months of hard work, I got two applications. Both of them were declined by my previous employer. I felt so bad for my client and decided to offer helping them to find a new lender at no charge. I called SMB and gave it a try. SMB approved both loans in a matter of half an hour. The rates were substantially lower, so was the closing charges. That is how I became a top SMB producer.
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